Take the 60 day challenge

Take part in our Everyday60 Challenge now by downloading this printable PDF. With this progress chart, you can write down how long you have performed each workout for (min 16 mins,) comment something about the workout, if you feel tight or there’s improvements to be made etc. Also there’s a rating system for how you felt during the workout. This is all part of the process of having a better connection to yourself! You will be able to feel your progress as the days go on and finally reach your 60 day goal and know exactly how many minutes you have done over two months, so you can beat it next time!

Rules For Challenge

1. Always start with the first 5 cards of the pack and end with number 60.
2. Do a min of 16 mins a day and 60 seconds per card with no more than 2 days off a week.
3. Download our printable tracker to keep on top of your progress and times.
(You can do this wherever you are, no excuses for being out of shape!)