Founder of Everyday60

Danny Turner

When I turned 30, I felt my body needed to be revitalised with something new as I’d had accidents whilst skiing and weight lifting. I broke my cruciate ligament and ripped my erector spinae muscle, I could feel parts of my body shutting down due to two things; stress and sleep deprivation! Every morning when I awoke, I would get up and my left leg would feel completely dead! I had to wake my foot up slowly as it was so sensitive when I stood on it and my back was stiff from driving for long periods. I just didn’t feel stress-free like I used to. I had this back and leg pain for 2 years until I finally reached the point where I had tried so many therapies to try to get rid of it but nothing actually nipped it in the bud! I had to do something about it, as I was walking like an elderly man and these tensions were sapping my energy.

I used to practice yoga intermittently but never in a serious way, I had always turned to boxing and kickboxing as my default form of releasing built-up negative tension and energy brought about by an experience that left me with anger.

After undertaking research into the philosophy and spiritual benefits of yoga I began doing yoga seriously and within two weeks of practising Everyday ,I felt like a new person. My back pain had gone for the first time ever! After only two weeks Everyday! I felt calmer, centred, relaxed and had the inner peace I had been searching for. I decided there and then that I wanted to delve deeper into the discipline of yoga and to study this ancient art form – That same week in October 2013 I booked myself a one-way ticket to India to practice and study to become a yoga teacher.

I wholeheartedly recommend yoga to anyone who has aches, pains, low energy or any other mind or body issues they would like to see gone or to manage. By having a mind and body connection these will no longer affect your life in the same way, and can turn a negative into a positive to give you a blast of fresh life force.

So the whole concept of Everyday60 was a light-bulb moment whilst I was sat on a small secluded beach one beautiful, sunlit day at the end of a long hard summer working in Ibiza in 2015. I was alone and thinking about my yoga teacher training experience in India. This was 8 hours a day of practising yoga, learning meditation, respiration, anatomy, the art of teaching etc., and I thought there must be a simpler, more fun way for people to learn, either by themselves or interacting together whether it be with friends or in a class environment, learning about the postures, their benefits and how to design classes in a much more simplified way than the way we were taught in India.

So there and then it sprung to my mind how, by designing a method of learning, using cards that are colour coded and show 60 beginners through to advanced postures, their particular benefits upon the body, difficulty levels and percentage of composition for balancing, strengthening, opening and lengthening. These cards enable the user to design bespoke workouts and progress from 16 minutes Everyday to a 60 minute workout, based on holding each of the postures for 60 seconds, complimented by optional online support by myself for all different types of training methods and programmes. Thereby Everyday60 was developed.

The benefit will show not only in the body but the mind.
Become the best version of yourself…..
It is a journey and a process…. ENJOY!