Personal Training

I am a multi functional personal trainer with a strong background in weights, boxing, Thai boxing, Thai Chi and Yoga. Training has been my passion since I was a young boy, working out from 13 years of age in my Uncles home gym.

I went on to box as an amateur¬†and later took up yoga due to some heavy injuries I had sustained. (read “About Me” section on first page for more details). This was followed by travelling to India to become a yoga teacher trainer and afterwards, upon my return I organised and ran Yoga retreats in Ibiza (see

I progressed to working with clients needs on a one to one basis, ensuring I familiarise myself with everything about my client’s lifestyle, their hopes and aspirations to become a healthier fitter version of themselves, before we start work together and devise the most effective way to create a bespoke plan for them. This plan will encompass everything from your diet to your habits to your mental stimulation. This is not just about the body. This is about cultivating a balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Client progress