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Everyday60 offer an advanced colour coded training and yoga sequencing tool, to master and fine-tune your mind and body. This will help you improve in any sport! Designed for people who want to empower themselves through health and fitness in as little as 1 minute a day. For those looking to speed up process, we would then recommend a minimum of 16 minutes per day. Join our 60-day challenge or make bespoke classes, fast and easily, in a way that suits and helps you to get in the best shape of your life.

Use this as your main training programme or alongside existing training. It’s a perfect travel companion! (You can do this wherever you are, no excuses for being out of shape!)



For all levels of fitness

From beginner to
yoga master

From beginner to yoga master in 60 days! Do it in the gym or do it in the living room, just follow the cards, hold the pose for 60 seconds and watch your body change on a daily basis. Greater flexibility, better posture, better everything with Everyday60.

Inside the pack

  • 60 Cards / Postures
  • Easy use sequencing to design bespoke classes
  • Fun easy learning yoga teacher training tool
  • 60 Day Challenge
  • Flashcards with English and Sanskrit translations
  • Informative information
  • Create your own games

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their body, sports or mental state
  • Anyone who wants to lose fat and build muscle
  • Anyone going on, has been on or is about to go on a yoga teacher training course
  • Anyone who likes a challenge and would like to try yoga for real
  • Yoga classes and instructors for their students to play or practice
  • Kids and adults who like to play healthy games or Yoga Trumps

Some benefits

  • Drains your lymphatic system and boosts immunity
  • Builds supportive muscles more than weights
  • Prevents breakdown of spine, cartilage and joints
  • Lowers cortisol and helps you have a happier life

A baseline for your health and fitness goals

Everyday60 is a company committed to improving people’s lives through health, wellness and fitness. We perfect stillness and change the body in a minimum of 60 seconds per exercise per day, for 60 days and up to 60 minutes. The founder, Daniel Turner, makes getting into shape as simple as black and white. By using the postures on the cards and having consistency, we can change your mind, body and life profoundly. It’s small changes everyday that make a big difference!

Use the cards at the end of your workout or as your main workout to promote more health, a higher level of fitness and to relax your nervous system. Time and time again you will see people leaving the gym without any stretching and loosing the optimum health benefits one can benefit from with just a short cool down. Use the cards to have a stronger connection with oneself. Self teach yoga from beginner – advanced, make your own bespoke workouts fast and easy and learn to heal any aches and pains out your body and do all this in as little as 16 minutes a day.

Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher

Ridiculously easy-to-follow and understand. Simple and to the point.

Meet the first 15 cards

  • 1. Mountain

    Read more
  • 2. Hero

    Read more
  • 3. Lotus

    Read more
  • 4. Cobra

    Read more
  • 5. Downward Facing Dog

    Read more
  • 6. Deep Forward Fold

    Read more
  • 7. Wide Legged Forward Bend

    Read more
  • 8. Extended Side Angle

    Read more
  • 9. Revolved Side Angle

    Read more
  • 10. Warrior 1

    Read more
  • 11. Warrior 2

    Read more
  • 12. Single Leg Forward Bend

    Read more
  • 13. Triangle

    Read more
  • 14. Chair

    Read more
  • 15. Tree

    Read more


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