Everyday 60 Triangle Of Health

Think of the condition of your mind/body, health and well being, like a triangle you have to consider each three sections to be in the best shape of your life, mentally and physically!

The Everyday 60 Triangle of health and wellness concept is balancing all three main areas of humanity. For optimum health and fitness balance these three corners and expand in all three areas.


The Everyday 60 circle represents the yin and yang balance. Did you know your nervous system should be in a place of peace between 80-90% of each day? So listen to your body when you are tired, rest. When you are not go a little harder! Remember active rest is better than slouching on the couch. This is a good time to do one of the mind/flexibility corners.

Enjoy finding the balance in life!

What do they mean?

Body / Physical

Keeping your body strong is amazing for your bones, bone marrow density increases and prevents osteoporosis. It helps keep your body fat down and makes you feel good, and we all know if you feel good, life is good! Muscle will help support your joints and protect you from injury.

Mind / Flexibility

Flexibility has a massive link to how your feeling and how your functioning. If your body is tight and you have tension, you might not feel it right now but you have tension in the mind, as the two are linked. The more flexible you are the better your energy can flow round your body than if your body is tight. Your nervous system tends to be a lot more relaxed when you are flexible as your body doesn’t have as many blockages or tensions. When the nervous system and spine are relaxed and flexible the energy is flowing! You then use less energy and become more efficient with your own!

Heart Strength

Anything that moves your whole body that you can’t keep up the same pace for more than 30 seconds is amazing for the heart and lungs! As your pumping every single muscle at the same time!