Everyday 60 & Retreat My Soul

So the facilitation of health and wellness continues with our own retreat centre in the wonderfully green countryside of north west Spain, Galicia. We are renovating a luscious green 10 acre farm house with its own natural supply of water and forest land (photos awaiting).

It’s situated near the camino (walk) de Santiago De Compostela. We will be setting up this year a adventure, health and fitness campsite to connect people to themselves, other people, nature, the animals and the way of the sustainable life. “Anyone who wants to have a positive impact on life is welcome to hold their own events retreats or healthy holidays. We take pride in facilitating people to be the very best version of themselves!

This Galician country estate is a design project with the primary emphasis being self-sufficiency. We are creating an organic space that is ECO designed with nature being the source of inspiration and free energy supply. The project encompasses organic agriculture and the clean energy revolution that mother earth is so desperately in need of. Primitively this estate will be a home to the co-founders; who with their like mindedness had the desire to break free from stressful, taxing, city dynamics. Since the estate was purchased in 2016, a strong bond has been created with a few local neighbours. The project will always respect thy neighbours and true idyllic rural conditions.

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